XPAD  (Non-slip Laptop Cooler & Heatshield)

Cool your laptop without fans -- 100% Green!

Protect your lap and your laptop from overheating

Non-slip interface to grip your laptop for a solid integral feel




Tablets are great for entertainment…

...but when you need to churn out that term paper or work daily on your laptop, you need the Xpad!


Keep your laptop cooler by up to 30 degrees and shield your lap by up to 60 degrees

Protection against laptop heat reduces risk of male infertility and toasted skin syndrome!

30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Where are the cooling fans?
No Fans -- 100% Passive Cooling!
-Fan-based laptop coolers can be noisy, damage your Latop's USB port, and interfere with the natural airflow intended for your laptop cooling system
In fact, Xpad actually beat out the fan-based coolers on Cnet.com comparative review of laptop coolers and topped the cooling chart

What is a laptop heatshield?
Keeps your lap cool for an indefinite period!
-Unique thermal insulation with air pockets build into its ABS composite structure makes Xpad the ultimate laptop heatshield

You must try it to experience the comfort of a non-slip laptop on your lap!
-Rubber ‘X’ top will keep a tight grip on your laptop so that it stays put even if you don't

Xpad stabilization allows you to sit in various positions without having your Laptop slip and slide - your Laptop will feel 'solid' with the Xpad!

Xpad customer reviews:

"I love the X-Pad. Before I used the X-Pad I had “toasted thighs.” The X-Pad keeps the heat off of my legs. I didn’t want to listen to the hum of fans so this product scores a perfect 10 for me."

Evanston, IL

"I have to tell you that I just may be the Xpad's biggest fan. I found your product a couple years ago just after buying my first laptop and I knew it would be perfect. I have a very basic laptop, so even some simple tasks can keep the processor running hot. But I never worry about it overheating and/or shutting down on me. I am on my laptop for hours every day, taking it with me almost everywhere I go. The Xpad is the one thing (besides my power cord) that I am never without. As others have said, because of your product, you can actually use your laptop on your lap. Brilliant.

I am so convinced that your product is worth the money that I have purchased a total of seven more for friends and family members as gifts. Some of my friends even call me "The Xpad Salesman" as a joke. One of those Xpad's that I bought went to a friend and his Xbox 360. He had already gone through two Xbox 360's overheating and malfunctioning before I gave him an Xpad. Now he can play all the time without worrying about damaging it.

A laptop or a game system is a serious investment, and the Xpad is the single greatest way to protect that investment. From documents to spreadsheets, music and pictures, there's just too much at stake if it crashes. Buy the Xpad :)"

Britt, IA

"I came across the XPad Googling and came across your site. I thought I would give it a try. I had been using a 3 fan laptop pad, uncomfortable and worked fairly. Well with the XPad my temp dropped 12 degrees compared to before. And it is quite comfortable on my lap in a Lazyboy chair. I ran a graphic intensive game that generates plenty of heat, same results, the temp was 12 degrees lower. I use a fan utility whereby I can monitor and set fan speeds based on temp thresholds, Note it was not changed for my tests. I will now adjust the settings to lower the fan speeds for set temp thresholds. Less stress on the fan. I guess this product could be considered a “greener” approach to keeping laptops cool. Using the green theme in advertising might help! EXCELLENT product, quality design and materials!"

Brookfield, WI

"My job is grueling… hours of work on a laptop while traveling the globe. Three years ago, I bought an xpad for my company laptop and at that time you were selling the older model. It saved my laptop’s life. After three years of more than 60 hours per week of use, the laptop is very much beat up but still working. My company just sent me a new laptop that I am supposed to use for the next three years. I purchased a new xpad and I love the new model. It is thinner and the pads allow air to circulate. This product is really great!!! Thank you!!"

Glendale, CA

"I began to search online for a way to cool my new laptop, which seems to get much hotter than my last one. I knew nothing at all about this technology and was not really happy to be confronted with chunky pieces of equipment which looked as though they would be happiest on a desktop. After all, the whole point is to work the machine on a lap! In addition most models relied on fans to deliver. To me this rapidly began to mean noise, moving parts and worn, weakened USB ports, plus how to balance the whole tottering construction on a lap. So much to go wrong! But the need was urgent: laptop + bed quilt = mega insulation problems for the laptop. I was on the point of adapting a wicker tea tray to suit when I saw the Xpad. It stands alone amongst the tottering constructions. It's completely flat. No moving parts. It's nice and simple. It's light. Nothing to go wrong! It works - on a lap too. You can wriggle about and your laptop (and all your e-life) won't go crashing to the floor. (And it's a lot "cooler" than a wicker tea tray.) Not often I send to America for my purchases. So pleased."

S .C
United Kingdom

"I have had my x-pad for a very long time. I have used it through the life of one laptop and now on to the couple of years I have had this one. It keeps my fans running great and the temp controlled no matter where I put it. The bottom is soft, so it is nice to even place on bare legs. I like that it isn't powered by USB or anything, keeps it simple and quiet. Over the years it may have been beat up a bit but it is still holding strong with very little damage to the plastic that the computer sits on. However, the very best thing about the XPad (and a USB powered cooler would not do this) is that it has saved my computers from spills. When a liquid washes across the desk because I was a klutz and spilled my drink it gets the XPad wet (and the XPad doesn't seem to get hurt by this) and keeps my computer high & dry.

I've never e-mailed a company about a product before, but yours is simply outstanding. Bravo to you. If for some reason I lose this xpad or get another laptop (as i'm sure this one won't fail, just get a bit beat up) you will be sure I will be coming to get another XPad from you. Thank you for the XPad. =D"

M .D
Austin , TX

"I found you at the OC Computer Fair a couple of weeks ago. I was skeptical about how well the Xpad would work. I’ve seen the flimsy laptop coolers with fans built in. They’re a joke. So I wasn’t quite sure how well yours would work. I bought two; one for each of my daughters. They love them!

My oldest daughter is attending college. She’s using the laptop for homework assignments. Recently she went to the doctor complaining about leg twitches and muscles spasms. The doctor thought it was a magnesium problem. Turns out, it was the laptop! We discovered that when the spasms and twitches disappeared after she started using the Xpad !!

Are you going to be back to the Computer Fairs; I want to pick up some more of these. They are going to be an awesome Christmas present this year for friends and family with laptops."

L .H
Westminster , CA

"One of the things you should mention on your site is that fan powered laptop coolers may actually interfere with laptop internal fans. I have an Alienware Area-51 7700 laptop with an nVidia Geforce 6800 Go Ultra videocard. It is the hottest (meaning temperature) laptop around. Initially, I tried a USB powered, variable speed, 4 fan, laptop cooler but the laptop would repeatedly overheat and shut down. I was mystified until I realized that the cooling platform fans were drawing air AWAY from the underside of the laptop. The Alienware laptop has underside grills which are air intakes for the internal CPU and videocard cooling fans and the platform fans were competing with the laptop's internal fans by drawing air flow away from them, preventing adequate cooling! I switched to an Xpad and the cooling problems resolved. Today, I am ordering 3 more for my other household laptops. Thanks for a product that is outstanding in its simplicity.."

Watertown , NY

"I received my Xpad this morning, and have to admit to being very impressed. I am a heavy gamer, and frankly it's impossible to keep my laptop on my lap for more than fifteen minutes before I start twitching from the heat.

We're two hours in so far, laptop's about 7 degrees celsius cooler, and I'm chilling in the garden with the Xpad snug on my lap.

I also commend your delivery status page; although I only had to check it once, so quick was the delivery.

Rest assured that you shall be receiving some very high class reviews in the United Kingdom in the near future."

A .C
Kilmarnock, Scotland

"I work as an IT specialist within education. I recently purchased the XPAD for use with my XPS laptop and XBOX 360. This product brings the best of both worlds by effective maintaining a cooler hardware environment while remaining completely mobile. It does not possess any moving parts, thus eliminating wear and tear on internal components such as additional cooling fans. I would highly recommend this product to anyone interested in buying safety and piece of mind for their laptop or console. I have already recommended this product to many colleagues and friends with confidence. In my opinion, this product is a revolutionary breakthrough."

D .R
Warrington, PA

"What a amazing product!!!!! I actually made a purchase that was good for me and my mac!!! My temps before the temp the xpad cam in were a unbelievable 80 degrees!!!!! Now....i’m at a constant 117 or even less when I watch a DVD... And my lap doesn’t burn up!!!!!! Thank you guys so much!!!!!! Working in the computer business, I will definitely recommend you to my clients!!! My life now is devoted to xpad!! Long life the XPAD!!!!!!!!!"

J Anderson

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