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"I've owned my Xpad for about 4 years now and it is awesome! I'm a laptop lapper and I notoriously place my laptop on the ottoman after I'm done or while I'm working on it. This is the ANSWER and truly is an amazing invention! Kudos!."

Chesterfield, VA

"I love the X-Pad. Before I used the X-Pad I had “toasted thighs.” The X-Pad keeps the heat off of my legs. I didn’t want to listen to the hum of fans so this product scores a perfect 10 for me."

Evanston, IL

"I am just emailing you to let you know that I received my Xpad order on the 23rd like you said I would. I started using it right away an I must admit, I was a little sceptical about the whole thing as I am used to the more traditional cooling systems of fans and the like for laptops. But I noticed a difference just after a few hours of use. I was shocked, but pleasantly shocked. I have used all different kinds of cooling pads in the past, ones that I had to plug into the USB drive of my laptop, and the Xpad is so nice because there are no cords getting in the way of anything. I do a lot of gaming and different things on the computer and it used to shut off on me because it was getting over heated. My laptop has not shut off since I started using the Xpad. I would recommend this product to any laptop owner as I am so satisfied with it.
Thank you for everyting."


"I have a standard laptop which my husband gave me in 2007 which heats up rather quickly. EVEN sitting on my desk! Well, he also bought me a 'fan' for it and one of the little fans broke so I went looking for a new one about the 1st half of this 2010 year and of course a new style has been created that I TOTALLY DID NOT LIKE! So I plugged in 'laptop fans' into the URL address bar and your website was among the ones I found and VOILA! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing! I don't actually take mine out of the house but anywhere I use it in the house is fantastic! It doesn't slip, it doesn't heat my legs up, my laptop just sits there and 'behaves itself!" THANK YOU for inventing this wonder! . "

Chesterfield, VA

"Wow I am very impressed. Got my xpad today and have noticed a considerable difference in temperature both to the laptop and my lap! I have not heard the internal fans kick on even once since putting the xpad under my laptop. Truly amazing and not having to plug into a USB port is a definite bonus. Thank you for a great product, will recommend to my friends. "

Sewell, NJ

"I have to tell you that I just may be the Xpad's biggest fan. I found your product a couple years ago just after buying my first laptop and I knew it would be perfect. I have a very basic laptop, so even some simple tasks can keep the processor running hot. But I never worry about it overheating and/or shutting down on me. I am on my laptop for hours every day, taking it with me almost everywhere I go. The Xpad is the one thing (besides my power cord) that I am never without. As others have said, because of your product, you can actually use your laptop on your lap. Brilliant.

I am so convinced that your product is worth the money that I have purchased a total of seven more for friends and family members as gifts. Some of my friends even call me "The Xpad Salesman" as a joke. One of those Xpad's that I bought went to a friend and his Xbox 360. He had already gone through two Xbox 360's overheating and malfunctioning before I gave him an Xpad. Now he can play all the time without worrying about damaging it.

A laptop or a game system is a serious investment, and the Xpad is the single greatest way to protect that investment. From documents to spreadsheets, music and pictures, there's just too much at stake if it crashes. Buy the Xpad :)"

Britt, IA

"I came across the XPad Googling and came across your site. I thought I would give it a try. I had been using a 3 fan laptop pad, uncomfortable and worked fairly. Well with the XPad my temp dropped 12 degrees compared to before. And it is quite comfortable on my lap in a Lazyboy chair. I ran a graphic intensive game that generates plenty of heat, same results, the temp was 12 degrees lower. I use a fan utility whereby I can monitor and set fan speeds based on temp thresholds, Note it was not changed for my tests. I will now adjust the settings to lower the fan speeds for set temp thresholds. Less stress on the fan. I guess this product could be considered a “greener” approach to keeping laptops cool. Using the green theme in advertising might help! EXCELLENT product, quality design and materials!"

Brookfield, WI

"My job is grueling… hours of work on a laptop while traveling the globe. Three years ago, I bought an xpad for my company laptop and at that time you were selling the older model. It saved my laptop’s life. After three years of more than 60 hours per week of use, the laptop is very much beat up but still working. My company just sent me a new laptop that I am supposed to use for the next three years. I purchased a new xpad and I love the new model. It is thinner and the pads allow air to circulate. This product is really great!!! Thank you!!"

Glendale, CA

"I began to search online for a way to cool my new laptop, which seems to get much hotter than my last one. I knew nothing at all about this technology and was not really happy to be confronted with chunky pieces of equipment which looked as though they would be happiest on a desktop. After all, the whole point is to work the machine on a lap! In addition most models relied on fans to deliver. To me this rapidly began to mean noise, moving parts and worn, weakened USB ports, plus how to balance the whole tottering construction on a lap. So much to go wrong! But the need was urgent: laptop + bed quilt = mega insulation problems for the laptop. I was on the point of adapting a wicker tea tray to suit when I saw the Xpad. It stands alone amongst the tottering constructions. It's completely flat. No moving parts. It's nice and simple. It's light. Nothing to go wrong! It works - on a lap too. You can wriggle about and your laptop (and all your e-life) won't go crashing to the floor. (And it's a lot "cooler" than a wicker tea tray.) Not often I send to America for my purchases. So pleased."

S .C
United Kingdom

"What a amazing product!!!!! I actually made a purchase that was good for me and my mac!!! My temps before the temp the xpad cam in were a unbelievable 80 degrees!!!!! Now....i’m at a constant 117 or even less when I watch a DVD... And my lap doesn’t burn up!!!!!! Thank you guys so much!!!!!! Working in the computer business, I will definitely recommend you to my clients!!! My life now is devoted to xpad!! Long life the XPAD!!!!!!!!!"

J Anderson

"I just got my Xpad yesterday, and I am VERY impressed. I am an internet radio DJ & Mobile DJ, so when I'm not at a DJ gig around town, my iBook is operating constantly when I run my station. The program I use to broadcast with, often uses up a lot of CPU power, and causes my iBook's fan to kick in several times a day. Before your product came, my iBook fan had kicked on.

Within 4 minutes of putting the Xpad underneath my iBook, the fan turned off, and it hasn't been on since. I've been running my Book
for 48 hours now running my radio station using the Xpad, and my iBook is cool, comforable, and quite stable currently sitting on my lap. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!"

DJ Melody

"I started using my new Xpad this morning... Usually in about 15 minutes on my lap (or even on the table) my PowerBook heats up, the fan goes into high mode and the case gets hot to the touch. This morning, I have had my PowerBook on my lap for over an hour and thirty minutes; its not hot, the fan has been running in normal mode and I think my battery is lasting longer.

Wow, what a great product. It is a must have"

Los Angeles, CA

"I received my Xpad this morning, and have to admit to being very impressed. I am a heavy gamer, and frankly it's impossible to keep my laptop on my lap for more than fifteen minutes before I start twitching from the heat.

We're two hours in so far, laptop's about 7 degrees celsius cooler, and I'm chilling in the garden with the Xpad snug on my lap.

I also commend your delivery status page; although I only had to check it once, so quick was the delivery.

Rest assured that you shall be receiving some very high class reviews in the United Kingdom in the near future."

A .C
Kilmarnock, Scotland

"I would just like to say that I feel very bad for not writing to you all sooner. I purchased the X-pad about 1 year ago from you, and I am waiting until now to write back about it. I can tell you that I have already replaced one hard drive ( HD) in this laptop due to the heat it generates (especially when I forget to turn it off, leave it on the couch, and go to bed). I knew that my HD was going bad because for a few months every time I placed it on a light pillow in my lap to make it comfortable while I used it, grinding noises would start to re-appear. Before long, even placing it on a book or having to sit at the desk for the hard cool surface wasn't enough to keep the laptop cool. A short time later my computer was beginning to lock-up. I subsequently lost the HD, had it replaced, and started looking for a better solution. By the way, the laptop I'm using is a Dell Inspiron 8200 with all the bells and whistles I could get, and other than the over-heating problems, I have been extremely pleased with this product. Dell's customer service has been great as well.

I searched all over the web before I came to your website, and finally thought I might have found the right product. To be honest, I had already made cut-outs on a cardboard box similar to the Xpad pattern before I knew about your product, and had been using that to keep the new HD cool while I worked and played on it. You see, since I have a wireless network in the house, I almost exclusively use the laptop in my living room where I like to keep it on my lap (using a pillow preferably) while sitting on the couch or recliner. The cardboard cut-out worked in keeping the temperature down, but it was extremely cumbersome, aesthetically hideous, uncomfortable in my lap, and I wasn't about to travel with it. That is where the X-pad comes in to the picture.

It was only a couple of days after I ordered from your site that it came to the house. The X-pad looked and felt just like I had expected. Actually, it was much lighter than I thought it would be, and I immediately placed it (along with my laptop) into my carrying case to see if it would fit. Things were already looking good because it fit perfectly. I never would have thought that I could get it in the tight area with all of my other accessories for travelling. So then I thought, well if it works half as good as I need it to work, then if nothing else it will be good for travelling. To my suprise, the xpad was the answer to every problem I was having. It was great all around. I have been using the X-pad ever since, running the heaviest processing programs on this laptop, and my fans rarely come on anymore. This X-pad is truly awesome!

I began wondering why Dell (and other manufacturers) didn't just add this to the laptop to begin with. I'm sure there are many thousands of laptop owners like myself that have had to have parts replaced due to heat alone. Thank goodness that I had a 4-year warranty on it to begin with, so my HD replacement was free (minus all the data lost and time spent replacing it). Think about how much money and inconvenience laptop retailers alone could prevent by adding the X-pad in with all of their sales. The X-pad price alone is so low, I'm sure they would have saved thousands of dollars, not to mention the nice touch of adding a great accessory. Anyways, I never use the laptop (even on hard surfaces due to its non-slip footing) without the X-pad. If I knew how to drill the holes without damaging this laptop I would mount it permanently. It truly is that great! For general use, I just place the X-pad and Laptop onto a small flat pillow (for extra softness because I'm usually wearing shorts in the house) when I work/play with it on the couch or recliner. To be honest, it is so unobtrusive I usually forget I even have it under the laptop. Since replacing my HD and purchasing the X-Pad it has not overheated once! Isn't that the way it should be in the first place?

I do apologize for the length and the poor grammar usage of this letter, but I really wanted you all to know (including potential customers of yours) that in my honest opinion, the X-pad is absolutely worth the price. In fact, knowing how well it has worked for me now, I would have paid three times the amount or more to purchase it. But don't raise those prices please ;) All joking aside, thank you all for this great product! This has truly been one of those purchases that I've made where I feel like I came out on the better half, and that doesn't happen often."

J .S
Montgomery , AL

"One of the things you should mention on your site is that fan powered laptop coolers may actually interfere with laptop internal fans. I have an Alienware Area-51 7700 laptop with an nVidia Geforce 6800 Go Ultra videocard. It is the hottest (meaning temperature) laptop around. Initially, I tried a USB powered, variable speed, 4 fan, laptop cooler but the laptop would repeatedly overheat and shut down. I was mystified until I realized that the cooling platform fans were drawing air AWAY from the underside of the laptop. The Alienware laptop has underside grills which are air intakes for the internal CPU and videocard cooling fans and the platform fans were competing with the laptop's internal fans by drawing air flow away from them, preventing adequate cooling! I switched to an Xpad and the cooling problems resolved. Today, I am ordering 3 more for my other household laptops. Thanks for a product that is outstanding in its simplicity.."

Watertown , NY

"got it thursday and it's great. it's even better than i had hoped from looking at the picture on your site, and it fits in my incase mac really small backpack too. thanks for such a fine product."

Memphis, TN

"I just wanted to let you know what I thought about the Xpad. It's really great. I can actually sit the laptop on my lap. What a concept. My lap doesn't get burned anymore from the heat of the machine. I love that.
A few things I thought of when I first received/used it.
-Its A LOT lighter than I thought it would be.
-Looks great and fits perfectly.
-My laptop actually stays put. It doesn't slide on the Xpad at all.
-Felt more durable than expected."

Los Angeles, CA

"This is my 3rd Xpad purchase...I bought one for my powerbook, one for my brother and now one for my nephew!!!!! Excellent item."

Lewiston, ME

"I am sitting on Amtrak, we are about to arrive in Philadelphia, a station that usually indicates that it's time for a break, because my laptop is overheating (and so am I). But not today... as I am empowered by the Xpad, that hi-tech invention that is about to revolutionize portable information technology.

Great invention, well done."

New Jersey, NJ

"Hi I found this product to be everything it was claimed to be which was to keep the temp down. I run my Compaq R3000 as soon as I get home & until bed time ,surfing play games you name it. She use to run hot @ 44 degrees(Celsius) by the end of the night now it's around 33 - 34 degrees(Celsius) constantly and it's summer now with temp reaching high 20's. Thanks for a great product"

M .K
Melbourne , Australia

"I’d love to recommend it to colleagues and customers AND let them know of the great customer service you provide."

Greenwich, NY

"My wife went to the show today with her father and picked up an Xpad for me. My compliments on your design. I used to rest my notebook on my leg so that it would be able to cool, but I had to shift every once in awhile because it was a pain.
Thanks for your great idea. I will make very good use of it."

A .H
Costa Mesa, CA

" I found you at the OC Computer Fair a couple of weeks ago. I was skeptical about how well the Xpad would work. I’ve seen the flimsy laptop coolers with fans built in. They’re a joke. So I wasn’t quite sure how well yours would work. I bought two; one for each of my daughters. They love them!

My oldest daughter is attending college. She’s using the laptop for homework assignments. Recently she went to the doctor complaining about leg twitches and muscles spasms. The doctor thought it was a magnesium problem. Turns out, it was the laptop! We discovered that when the spasms and twitches disappeared after she started using the Xpad !!

Are you going to be back to the Computer Fairs; I want to pick up some more of these. They are going to be an awesome Christmas present this year for friends and family with laptops."

Westminster , CA

" I am most impressed with your company. I ordered 2 Xpads (Christmas gifts) on Monday NITE and I received them this morning. Any company I know could learn from yours. You even top LLBean and LandsEnd on shipping.

My husband and I love our Xpad and trust that our daughter and cousin will also.

Thank you."

Carmel , IN

"I came across your product on a google search (score one for your marketing) and was only sceptical about the size and mobility of the pad. Since it arrived 3 weeks ago it has never left the bottom of my laptop. Kudos to the ingenius simple construction. I will be recommending to others."

M .H
Harleysville , PA

"I'm a freelance writer and use my laptop virtually all day. It started running hot, and the attendant shutdowns were becoming a huge problem. I found you guys on the 'Net and ordered an X-Pad, though I must admit I was totally skeptical. Have had the Pad for just under a week now, and have not had one shutdown since! Congratulations on a simply-designed and affordable product that works. You guys saved my laptop.

P.S. Another great thing; your shipping was lightening fast. I live in the Chicago area, received my order in just two days, and didn't have to pay any extra for it."

M .B
Geneva , IL

"Thank you! Just got the new 17" intel apple laptop, and man is this going to bring you guys a lot of business. Could fry an egg on this thing. Just got it (Xpad). Works GREAT. Amazing product. Cheapest solution out there and works perfect. Very nice!"

J .H
Sunnyvale , CA

"When I bought my inexpensive laptop, I didn't know that it had a design flaw in that it ran hotter than many of the better known and more expensive laptops (Even the reviewers in the trade magazines mentioned this negative fact). I can't tell you of how hard the cooling fan would work and how many times the laptop turned off automatically because it got too hot. After doing some extensive research on the web on how to best keep my laptop cool, I came across your product and decided to buy it. Since then, the XPAD has never left the bottom of my laptop and it has worked flawlessly. I know it works because the cooling fan does not stay on as much and my PC doesn't turn off at all because of the heat. Now I don't have to worry where my laptop sits (my desk, my bed, my lap, or anywhere else for that matter) because I know that it is getting the airflow it needs and will stay cooler than before. What I think convinced me to buy the XPAD were 3 things: 1) the "X" design of the platform in that it really elevated the laptop better than the other products I saw in the stores and ensured that there was sufficient airflow underneath 2) the large size of the XPAD was perfect for the 15 inch widescreen laptop I have. Everything else I saw was smaller and it didn't look like it would be comfortable to have to balance a big laptop on a small platform. 3) the XPAD was very simple in design/use & I didn't need to worry about any additional usb cables (ie. battery drain when on the road) or external power source (ie. always having to worry about plugging into an outlet in order to keep the laptop cool).

In all, I love the XPAD and will be getting another one when I buy my son his laptop for college."

G .B
Lithia , FL

"Thank you for the Xpad. It arrived here in Scotland early this morning (2 working days after dispatch) - very prompt service. I am very pleased with the product."

P .T
Dunblane, Scotland

"I ordered your Xpad because I wanted to be sure to protect my new laptop from overheating as well as shield my legs from the heat when I am sitting on the sofa. Your product works great and feels very stable at all times. Thanks for the great product!!"

M .M
Webster City, IA

"I would just like to say that I received my xpad in the mail today. The delivery was exceptional in a very timely manner.I enjoy using the xpad very much for the product does exactly what it claims and is comfortable to use. I never did like the idea of a laptop cooling pad that has fans and uses up my laptops power supply to run the fans. I am glad I found you and bought an xpad. I will recommend an xpad to everyone who uses a laptop computer."

Winter Haven, FL

"Your guy's pads are almost a requirement for a laptop. I have a really powerfull laptop that can literally cook eggs and bought this to help keep the heat down (which it does wonderfully) besides that, its sturdy, simple, and secures my laptop great. At first I was a little bit worried that it might be to small (im 6'3) but it fits me just fine. Besides that just keep up the rockin!"

M .R
Jackson , CA

"Got my xpad today. Rarely has a product so exceeded expectations. It is well designed, well made, attractive and arrived promptly. Thank you."

T .T
Eastham , MA

"Just got my new xpad and it works great! My Gateway widescreen fits just fine and does not move at all.Fast delivery I ordered it and was at my door in two days. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a laptop cooler no fan wires or noise to deal with. This product is a winner!"

M .P
Racine , WI

"I just received my XPad after looking all over the web for a laptop cooling system and am surprised how much it really worked as advertised. I recently bought a brand new Dell Intel Core Duo Laptop and it got so hot while I was gaming that it became uncomfortable to use. I could even feel the heat eminate through my desk. However thanks to the XPad, now I can leave my laptop on my desk all day, playing the latest games and still feel secure that my computer won't overheat and get damaged. Truly a great buy for any serious gamer. Thank you"

D .C
Santa Monica, CA

"I recently purchased a 17" wide screen laptop and was searching on the net for cooling fans when this showed up, not in the direct list of the search but on the side bar. I read the entire website to find out what the differences were between the X-pad and others. I was surprised by the well thought out product. It is so logical and it also works! I have never had a shutdown and the processor never gets hot. it only gets lukewarm. I am thrilled with the results and have passed on your product to friends and relatives. I would tell anyone, with a great deal of confidence, to purchase one right away. It's the best accessory that you can get for any laptop."

K .M
Oil City, PA

"This is to advise you that my Xpad was delivered this morning in good condition. I immediately used it under my Inspiron 8200, on my desk. I have already noticed that the fans do not come on so much and the temperature of my HDD is about 2C lower than before, as it also benefits from the extra cooling from the increased elevation of the pad.

I am very pleased with it and it is a perfect fit for my 15" notebook.

Thank you so much for an aesthetic and functional piece of kit."

B .W
Woodbridge , England

"I work as an IT specialist within education. I recently purchased the XPAD for use with my XPS laptop and XBOX 360. This product brings the best of both worlds by effective maintaining a cooler hardware environment while remaining completely mobile. It does not possess any moving parts, thus eliminating wear and tear on internal components such as additional cooling fans. I would highly recommend this product to anyone interested in buying safety and piece of mind for their laptop or console. I have already recommended this product to many colleagues and friends with confidence. In my opinion, this product is a revolutionary breakthrough."

D .R
Warrington, PA

"I have had my x-pad for a very long time. I have used it through the life of one laptop and now on to the couple of years I have had this one. It keeps my fans running great and the temp controlled no matter where I put it. The bottom is soft, so it is nice to even place on bare legs. I like that it isn't powered by USB or anything, keeps it simple and quiet. Over the years it may have been beat up a bit but it is still holding strong with very little damage to the plastic that the computer sits on. However, the very best thing about the XPad (and a USB powered cooler would not do this) is that it has saved my computers from spills. When a liquid washes across the desk because I was a klutz and spilled my drink it gets the XPad wet (and the XPad doesn't seem to get hurt by this) and keeps my computer high & dry.

I've never e-mailed a company about a product before, but yours is simply outstanding. Bravo to you. If for some reason I lose this xpad or get another laptop (as i'm sure this one won't fail, just get a bit beat up) you will be sure I will be coming to get another XPad from you. Thank you for the XPad. =D"

M .D
Austin , TX

"This is my first laptop, and they warned me that they do get hot, and can overheat quickly if you don't have a cooler, so I went online and researched them. I thought YouTube would be a good place to start since they have video reviews of most of them. I was sold on one or two of the ones that you plug into a USB port. Then I came to a review of the XPAD . It reminded me that although you weren't plugging them directly to an outlet, you are still using electricity.
When I saw the review of this one, I thought to myself, "this thing can't work because there is no plug, and no fans, so how is this supposed to keep the laptop cool?
The person doing the review explained all about the X pattern, and how it draws heat away from the laptop. He was really impressed with it.
It made sense to me, and since it comes with a money back guarantee, I decided to give it a try.
It arrived this afternoon, and when I opened the box I was really impressed with the way it was packaged. I just separated the two sheets of plastic it was sandwiched between and was really happy that someone actually took the time to come up with a simple, yet efficient packaging system that you don't have to use a pair of scissors, or a box cutter to get open. Thank you very much!
I tried using it all different ways, on the bed, desk, my lap, etc., and after about 2 hours of using it, it was actually cooler than when I started.
I finally had to shut it off, not because of it not working, but because my battery was getting low.
I have already sent my friends e-mail messages telling them about this great product.
Thanks again for creating such a great, and simple product that I can get in my laptop bag, along with my laptop, stand, and power cord, with plenty of room to spare
I will be telling all of my friends that have laptops about it. I am one happy camper!

M .S
Camp Hill, PA

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